Scholarship, Fellowship & Grant Information Session - Teleclass

Scholarship, Fellowship & Grant Information Session
for Students Already in College, Returning to College, and Pursuing Graduate School

During this 90 minute teleclass session, we will discuss:

  • Strategies for those who are already in college and have a desire to finish but may be struggling financially due to rising tuition costs throughout the U.S.
  • Financing techniques for those who have been out of school for a while and want to return to college to complete their education
  • Methods for individuals to find funding for a graduate or professional degree

Current Class Date and Time: See this section.


Class Description

The teleclass is conducted using the telephone (audio only) and course materials for 90 minutes.

Class Requirements

For this class all participants must be able to call a long distance number at the appointed time. When placing this call you will be charged long distance rates by your long distance carrier. The Scholarship Workshop has no involvement with the rates you will be charged for this call.

All registered participants will receive the number to call and further instructions with the course materials package.

Course materials and the telephone number to call in for the class will be sent approximately one week before the scheduled class time.

This class is open to U. S. based individuals only.

You must give a valid e-mail address when registering for a class. It will be used for sending class instructions and announcements.


To learn more about the web based class or other online courses available to help you write scholarship and college essays, turbo charge your résumé, prepare for scholarship and college interviews, or minimize college costs and student loans, see this section.

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Scholarship, Fellowship & Grant Information Session - Teleclass

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